1979 ZPR (Zavanelli Portfolio Research) formed by Max Zavanelli to provide research to money managers to exploit market inefficiencies.
1980 An insurance company utilizes ZPR research to help manage its U.S. equity mutual fund; by 1998 the fund increases to $3 billion in assets and repeatedly makes the Forbes Honor Roll using ZPR Research.
1982 Professional Money Managers ask Max Zavanelli to manage their own personal money.
1989 ZPR begins managing money for institutional investors.
1991 Max becomes Distinguished Professor and Chair at Stetson of leading investment program where students invest in actual stocks. Max continues his research and management business and relocates his investment firm from Chicago to Florida. He becomes the consultant to the University’s Endowment Fund.
1993 ZPR begins investing globally, initially through the use of International Closed End Funds.
1994 Max leaves Stetson to pursue full-time expansion of his investment research firm (ZPR Investment Research) and investment management firm (ZPR Investment Management). He remains Guest Lecturer at Stetson University and later commences management of Stetson’s Core equity portfolio. ZPR begins managing purely quantitative strategies for institutional investors.
1998 ZPR Investment Research provides research to mutual funds managing over $17 billion in U.S. equities.
2001 ZPR Global Equity Composite begins.
2007 ZPR Client Management formed by David Sappir to assist ZPR with client service. ZPR All Asian Composite formed.
2009 ZPR forms the Thai High Div strategy after the Thai stock market loses nearly 50% as a result of the US financial crisis.
2010 ZPR launches Volume Value and Volume Winners, quantitative strategies based on research into the characteristics of low volume stocks.
2011 Mark D. Zavanelli, CFA, joins ZPR Investment Management Inc. as President.

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